Creating Custom Structures In The Treetops

We specialize in the construction and design of custom tree houses, playgrounds, and other in-tree structures.

We build fun, safe and unique structures that entertain children and adults alike.

Our team has over 17 years of experience designing and building tree houses and adventure parks around the world. This experience and knowledge coupled with our use of both traditional and innovative materials enables us to provide premium quality and highly creative games and accessories.

Whimsical Treehouse connected to a platform with a suspended bridge

Whimsical Treehouse connected to a platform with a suspended bridge


For the residential client, we specialize in designing and building custom:

  • Treehouses

  • Playgrounds

  • Playhouses

  • High Platforms

  • Play structures

  • Treehouse Accessories

Our residential Portfolio is aesthetically diverse: our designs range from rustic to modern, traditional to whimsical, and simple to ornate. We offer solutions for any budget starting with our standards options. Take a look at our brochure.

We don't just build treehouses for kids. While kids are some of our favorite clients, we also build spaces for adults and the entire family to enjoy. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see more photos of our projects.


For our commercial clients, we build Treehouses, Playgrounds, Treeforts, Outdoor Classrooms, and Fun Play Accessories for the following sectors:

  • Adventure parks

  • Summer camps

  • Resorts

  • Tree-hotels

  • Schools

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Zoos

  • Public parks

  • Real Estate Development

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Daycare Centers

  • Children's Museums

  • Environmental Educational Centers

  • Municipalities

Our creative design work coupled with our high-quality craftsmanship allows us to create unique structures that can be enjoyed in various commercial environments. Whether you are a school looking for an outdoor classroom, a summer camp planning for a new treehouse, or a park that wants an authentic natural playground, we can execute your vision.

Check out our recent work at the Children's Garden in the State Botanical Garden of Georgia for some photos of our commercial work. Pictures

Treehouse Experts has been an incredibly professional partner in helping our vision of a tree house become a reality. They are respectful, prompt, and careful planners. They provide plenty of options and the construction process was seamless. We feel their craftsmanship is of very high quality, and we look forward to enjoying the treehouse for many years, and even across generations. We have full confidence that Treehouse Experts will stand by when we need them in the future, and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in the market for a top-of-the-line tree house solution.
— Meredith
Max and his crew of Treehouse Experts are the best. They helped me from start to finish with building my treehouse. Happy to discuss my experience with you anytime if you are in the market!
— Casey
The artistry of Treehouse Experts’ work is inspiring.
— Steven
Nicolas, Myada, and the rest of the Treehouse Experts team we’re absolutely wonderful throughout our build. Thank you all for an amazing experience and for a treehouse our family will enjoy for years to come!
— Nathaniel
Extremely professional, talented, and very experienced in the detailed work they do! You can tell Treehouse Experts is very passionate about their treehouses and structures, and it’s displayed through their hard work. Very pleased customer!!
— Alia