Aerial Adventure Parks

We specialize in the design and construction of games, accessories, and tree houses for adventure parks, summer camps, resorts, tree-hotels, schools, public parks and other businesses.

Our team has over 10 years of experience designing and building adventure parks around the world. This experience and knowledge coupled with our use of both traditional and innovative materials enables us to provide premium quality and highly creative adventure park games and accessories.

We have carefully hand-picked each material to ensure we provide you with a durable and strong product. All of our accessories are built to withstand all weather conditions, as well as hundreds of daily usages. Our lumber is pressure treated, providing long-lasting outdoor use. Our wood is smooth with rounded edges. We also pre-drill the majority of the lumber to make installation easy and to save you time. All of our plywood accessories are made of skidguard plywood, which is tested for scratches and is also weather resistant and anti-slip.

Our use of combination rope in most of our accessories makes our product unique, yet practical. The combination of synthetic manila rope is aesthetically pleasing, while also providing a comfortable grip for its users. The rope is made with a galvanized steel wire core, which provides strength and minimizes flexibility and slack. It is resistant to abrasion and less flexible than a traditional manila rope. This makes our obstacles a little easier to cross yet still very strong. Another big advantage of our rope is that it does not shrink or stretch over time. This rope is incorporated in most of the playgrounds in Europe, and now we also use this rope in our projects in the Americas.