Treehouse Experts is a privately owned and operated company that specializes in the construction of custom tree houses, playgrounds, and other in-tree structures. Our objective is to build fun, safe, and unique structures that will entertain children and adults alike. We provide services to individuals seeking private structures in their own backyards, as well as summer camps, adventure parks, and hospitality/lodging industries. Our goal is to create unique, authentic, and whimsical tree houses with modesty and comfort inspired by nature. All of our structures are constructed with the use of natural materials and are eco-friendly with respect to the local environment and tree population. We offer an original design for each project we undertake, specifically based on the layout of your trees.

The first priority of Treehouse Experts is your safety. Before starting a project, we determine whether the trees can welcome your tree house by inspecting whether the trees are strong and in good health.

Our second priority is to respect the trees. The trees are part of the tree house, so we want to minimize the impact of the tree house on the trees. That’s why we use tree house attachments bolts.

The story of Treehouse experts

Treehouse Experts has grown its team with the addition of two known treehouse experts. Maxime Risch has been promoted to General Manager. He operates the company's activities in the USA. Antoine Buliard has joined the company as a consultant for his strong knowledge and expertise in the field. 

Maxime Risch

“I have always been passionate about Mother Nature! At age 14, I decided to attend lumberjack school, where I learned the fundamentals of precise wood cutting and chainsaw technique. After a few more years in school, I earned an Arborist and Forestry degree. Tree climbing has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and I used to participate in tree climbing competitions before moving to the United States. After working at and operating several outdoor adventure parks in France, I began building them. I built my first tree house out of recycled material and natural logs and continued to incorporate natural elements in later builds. After 14 years of experience building and maintaining this type of construction, I created my own tree house company. I've now joined the Treehouse Experts team and am excited to share my creative ideas with others. I am looking forward to helping you experience adventure in the trees!”


Antoine Buliard

“Being an outdoor sports enthusiast, I grew up passionate about rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. I naturally pursued a career in sports and athletics, earning a BA in Sports Management. After managing an aerial adventure park (outdoor sport recreational facility) for two years in France, I specialized in the development and construction of this kind of installation and construction. Six years ago I had the opportunity to come to the U.S. with the challenge of implementing and building several aerial adventure parks for a French company. I created, and coordinated the development of Treetop Quest, Altiplano’s American subsidiary. Treetop Quest is now the leader in aerial adventure park in Georgia. 
I will continue to provide my expertise knowledge to Treehouse Experts, and I hope to share with them all my ideas as a consultant. ”