Custom Tree Houses for Kids and Adults

Tree houses

Our Tree Houses are above-ground platforms or buildings constructed around, next to, or on top of the trunk and/or branches of mature trees. Our tree houses can be used for recreational purposes, alternative work spaces, nature observatories, or temporary retreats. We use top quality materials and professional construction methods to allow for tree movement and growth over time. In some instances, we may also install posts or other support systems to ensure the support of the structure.


Treehouse Experts specializes in playground structures built in trees or on stilts at a lower height for smaller children. For those seeking a unique alternative to traditional playgrounds, our fully enclosed playground structures are perfect for summer camps, neighborhood communities, campgrounds, or a private backyard. Our playgrounds are constructed with high quality safety nets to ensure stability, comfort, and security, all while remaining suspended in the trees.

Play houses

Treehouse Experts also builds playhouses, which are designed with your children in mind. Our playhouses are featured as our "mini tree houses" that are constructed directly on ground level. Playhouses are ideal for backyard play for children ages 4-10.

High Decks

Experience an original patio nestled in the trees of your backyard.